A 20-year-old California rapper by the name Syko Sam may have lived up to his moniker. The horrorcore MC, who rapped about watching people die slowly and take "their last breath," is accused of killing a Virginia pastor and is being linked to the murder of three more unidentified victims.

"You're not the first, just to let you know/ I've killed many people and I kill them real slow/ It's the best feeling, watching their last breath/ Stabbing and stabbing till there's nothing left," Syko Sam -- real name Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III -- proclaims in his song 'My Dark Side.'

McCroskey was charged with murder, robbery and stealing slain pastor Mark Niederbrock's car. Niederbrock has been identified as one of four people discovered this past weekend in Farmville, Va. at the home of Longwood University professor Debra Kelley. Kelley, her and Niederbrock's child together, Emma Niederbrock, are also believed to be among the four victims found at the crime scene.

According to reports, McCroskey and Emma were communicating via MySpace. In a post dated Sept. 7, Niederbrock says she is excited for McCroskey's visit to her house. "The next time you check your myspace, YOULL BE AT MY HOUSE!" the post reads.

The bodies were discovered when a West Virgina woman called the police claiming she was looking for her teenage daughter, who was staying with Emma.

McCroskey will be formally charged with the other three killings once the bodies are identified