Donald Trump took to Twitter yesterday to voice his displeasure with Mac Miller profiting off of his name with the song "Donald Trump."

Leaving no controversy unaddressed, Mac Miller took to his Twitter account to let his 3 million plus followers know where his head was at following the news.

"Ummmm. Ill have the scallops," he wrote. Obviously he wanted to focus on the important things in life.

But he couldn't avoid it. Clearly, this lawsuit was weighing heavily on his mind.

"Fell asleep feelin good woke up congested," he tweeted.

And finally, when he just couldn't take it anymore, he needed to clear his head.

"[W]ho has weed in austria?" he posited.

What you tweet in public will be used against you! And obviously we're joking. Pretty sure this whole thing will be handled where it needs to be handled -- in a court of law. Or, it could just be another Trump-style publicity stunt.

Watch Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" Video

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