"Weird Al" Yankovic is on a parody tear at the moment -- he's releasing eight videos in eight days to roll out his new album, 'Mandatory Fun.' His latest spoof comes in the form of Iggy Azalea's current summer smash 'Fancy.' The joker releases the visual for 'Handy,' playing a Bob Vila-like character and sporting a hilarious blonde wig and mustache.

The first verse pretty much sums up what the song is about. "First things first, I'm a craftsman / Remodelling is my only passion, and I'm the greatest in the business want referrals, yo / My clientele will bear you witness, I can help when your door jam sticks / There is nothing in the world I can't fix/I do tiles, I do stone, I do bricks," raps Weird Al.

In addition, the 54-year old rocks some funny-looking dance steps and recruits two handymen backup dancers to assist him, which takes the spoof completely over the top.

But it's Yankovic's lyrics that will most likely get the most laughs. "Patch the drywall, clean your gutters and mow the lawn / Make that phone call, I'll install anything you want / Yeah, check my big staple gun, my socket wrenches are second to none / I won't quit 'til I'm done, don't even care if I hammer my thumb," he rhymes.

What will "Weird Al" parody tomorrow? We're rooting for the 'Shmoney Dance.'

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