Cardi B is enjoying one of the best years any hip-hop artist can have, but with all her popularity, the New York rapper still receives her share of hate, particularly from men.

Over the weekend, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper hopped on Twitter and wondered why men hate on women so much. In a lenghty tweet, Cardi wrote, "I don’t understand why man hate on woman sooo much ? Do you guys want to suck and f--- the d---s us woman do ? Cause it seems like it when yaaa show sooo much hate on a b---h."

Following Cardi's tweet, Iggy Azalea – who has received her own of hate from men as well – responded to the rapper's tweet. "Actually girl, YES. a lot of them do," Azalea tweeted, agreeing with Cardi's initial tweet.

In related Cardi B news, the rapper was recently nominated for two Grammys at the upcoming 2018 Grammy Awards. Cardi's "Bodak Yellow" will compete for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Check out the rapper's tweets below.

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