De La Soul is back with a new video that’s both worrisome and inspiring for their latest single, “Royalty Capes.”

The clip is worrisome because it involves Dave and his current medical struggles with congestive heart failure. The Native Tongue member details how he woke up in the hospital and the doctors telling him that his heart had stopped. Dave now has to wear a portable defibrillator that sends electric pulses to his chest if his heart should ever stop again.

Dave’s health issues has put a hold on the group’s touring schedule, though he vows to get back to the stage and entertain his fans. Throughout the J Anders Urmacher-directed video, we see De La Soul interacting with concertgoers from France to Canada to London to Los Angeles and New York. It's an inspiring ode to De La Soul’s perseverance and dedication to rocking the mic.

“I’m ready just to get back to the stage,” Dave says in the clip. “I miss that. I love traveling. I love being around my guys. I want that back.”

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