There's nothing better than when legends reminisce about the classics. In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Warren G recalled the story of how he was chilling with his stepbrother -- some guy named Dr. Dre -- and came up with the title for 'Chronic 2001.'

"Dre and I never talked about the direction he should go with the album, but ... Actually, you know what? I ain't gon' lie," said The Regulator. "We actually met at the Beverly Hills Hotel one night, and -- I swear to God -- he was trying to figure out what to call the album, and I actually said, 'How about Chronic 2001?' Right there at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- we sat there, in the bungalows, and named it the 'Chronic 2001.'"

Warren goes on to explain that, to him, 'Chronic 2001' remains one of the select records that really pushed hip-hop forward into a new millennium. You had Dre, an inarguable legend, innovating on a new conception of beat making while bringing in new voices from the West Coast and beyond. At minimum, the album cemented a truly unique West Coast voice and ushered in the era of dominance by rappers like Eminem.

Warren G continues the origin story: "It was me, Dre, Snoop -- I can't remember who else was there; I think Nate [Dogg] was there, too. Dre probably don't remember that s---, but I said, 'Chronic 2001...' We are 'The Chronic.' Why change it and name it something else when you can name it 'Chronic 2001?' Because it's the second one, and it's in the new millennium. Let's start it up and hit them again with it!"