Wale's 'Slight Work' video, directed by Chris Brown alongside Godfrey Tabarez, debuted last month, and the product was replete with Keith Haring-inspired imagery, skateboarders and women showcasing their curves. The visuals also put the spotlight on the D.C. native serving boastful rhymes with the track's featured guest Big Sean.

The Maybach Music Group signee offered up some insider information about the clip, detailing why he chose R&B crooner Chris Brown to give his creative direction for the effort -- CB's career as an entertainer was the deciding factor. "I pretty much felt like the song needed a different vision," Wale tells The BoomBox. "Something only a real performer would understand. I wanted Chris to have full control."

As for the graffiti covering much of the walls and the symbols painted in white, Wale also revealed the 'Turn Up the Music' creator brought those to the table. "The walls were another one of Chris' ideas," he explains. "I couldn't use my imagination to see what he was trying to explain initially. Came out perfect."

The avid weed smoker -- he can be seen puffing on the sticky green as the video commences -- was pleased with how easily the 'Slight Work' video came together. "This was probably the most organized video I was ever a part of," Wale disclosed. "It was a long shoot and it went by Breezy. Pun [intended]."

'Slight Work' serves as the third video to come from the singles on his 'Ambition' LP. The title track recently received a set of visuals, the fourth for the album, which also starred Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

Watch Wale's 'Slight Work' Video

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