Wale’s next album may be called SHINE, but he delivered plenty of SHADE to Tomi Lahren on Twitter.

It all started on Monday (April 17) when Lahren was responding to fans who are tweeting out support for her as she pursues a legal case against The Blaze network. The right-wing pundit was fired by the network’s CEO Glenn Beck after she expressed her pro-abortion and pro-women’s rights sentiments on The View.

As fans urged Lahren to keep her head up, the 24-year-old unemployed personality decided to reference Wale’s latest single, “Smile.”

Wale and Lahren do have a history. The DMV rhymer called out Lahren on “Smile” for her conservative views. “Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her / Train her, she miseducated anyway / Prolly hate the color of my face," he raps on the song.

Lahren heard the song and she clapped back on Twitter by deliberately mispronouncing the MMG rapper’s name as “Whale," saying that her name is "Tomi" not "Tammy."  Wale didn’t forget it, which is why he shaded the hell out of Lahren on Twitter. “Same phone who dis,” he tweeted in response to her referencing his "Smile" song.

For those who don't know, "new phone, who dis" is a way to avoid answering someone you don't want to talk to on the phone. In other words, Wale has no interest in Tomi Lahren.

It may be mean, but Lahren has a history of dissing rappers and hip-hop culture when she was on The Blaze network. So it shouldn't be a shock that rappers want to avoid any association with her.

Peep the shade below.

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