If there's any word anyone had to pick to describe Wale, "outspoken" is definitely in the first few choices. The MMG rapper is not one to bite his tongue, and over this past weekend, he made sure he spoke up on something important to him on social media. Taking to Instagram, Wale decided that he had had enough of the music industry's politics, and vented to his followers about what he seems to be going through.

In a caption of a blank photo, Wale wrote, "This music industry will take your soul then make you want [to] leave. N----s don’t respect humble, n----s don’t respect intelligence. They’ll ask for ‘this or that’ and you deliver it they’ll say it never happened."

The Maryland MC then mentioned the media's habit of taking notice only of his negative rants, but not including him to be seen in a positive, uplifting light when he shows it. He continued, "Let me air out some people, it'll make headlines. Let me uplift some people it'll get buried quicker than u can say 'leanmollyxan.'"

Wale finished up his rant with one last powerful line, stating, "they'll kill you and then worship you when you gone." It hasn't been an easy journey for the outspoken Wale, but we're sure his fans are hoping he doesn't put up the mic and walk away from the music.

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