Waka Flocka Flame brings R&B crooner Trey Songz along for the ride on his latest single, "I Don't Really Care." Although featured on the track, Trey was originally unable to record the song when Waka hit the studio due to a touring schedule. However, the singer showed up for the video in Atlanta Monday night (April 9). In the visual, the duo dress formally in black suits, visit a posh gallery and cause reckless mayhem.

"We're just out at a rich art museum fucking it up," Waka tells The BoomBox. "We don't really care. We getting money, so we can replace everything."

The cut, produced by Skyy Stylez and Troy Taylor, will appear on the rapper's second studio LP, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family, due June 12. Waka chose to rely on Trey Songz' lyrical assist as a result of their friendship. "Trey actually cut a record for me before that I never put out," he shares. "A long time ago when I did Flockaveli, that's when I met him. He's been my partner since then so I was like, 'I'ma get him on this album.'"

"I Don't Really Care" holds steadfast to the club banger aesthetic the Atlanta rapper is known for, but Waka says it's more than just a song to bob heads to. The meaning behind the cut is simple enough but increasingly one of his day-to-day philosophies.

"The concept of the song is really just you being who you are because you really don't care," Waka insists. "You showing a lot of arrogance, a lot of stubbornness, just a lot of ratchet shit. And Trey Songz got with me on it, you know, my boy ratchet too. We cut from the same cloth."

The Triple F album will feature production from Brick Squad's in-house team, The 808 Boyz, comprised of Lex Luger and Southside. Guest appearances include B.o.B., Slim Thug and Flo Rida, in addition to Trey Songz and Drake, who lent his wordplay to the first single "Round of Applause."

When asked about Flo Rida's inclusion and whether or not it means Waka is headed for a more pop-leaning sound, he responds without hesitation: "I'm on some Waka shit."

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