Although it’s still an active investigation, new details have emerged regarding the robbery and shooting incident involving Fetty Wap and his entourage in Paterson, N.J., early Sunday morning (March 26).

As you may know, Fetty Wap had his chain snatched during a fight inside a 24-hour delicatessen and a gun battle erupted. When the dust was settled, three people were shot and hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Fetty Wap, himself, was not injured in the melee.

On Tuesday (March 28), video surfaced of the suspect, Raheem Thomas, armed inside the deli when he fought with Fetty Wap. In the clip above, it appears that he assaulted Fetty - or possibly took his "1738" chain - and pulled out his pistol, which forced everyone in the deli to step back. We can hear Thomas say, “I was trying to be nice to you” as he was leaving the store.

There’s no video footage of what happened after Thomas left the deli. But according to TMZ, Fetty Wap’s crew fired the first shots, which led to a bloody gun battle.

Eyewitnesses tell the gossip website that Fetty's entourage starting shooting at Thomas' crew in retaliation for the scuffle inside the deli. One person allegedly accidentally shot himself in the thigh. Another source said that Thomas pistol-whipped someone in Fetty's camp, and then he and his guys robbed Fetty and his crew. A second gun was pulled out and more shots were fired back and forth. Two of Thomas's men were hit.

Thomas has been arrested on robbery and multiple gun offenses. But it's unclear if he actually fired shots in the shootout. Again, the case is still ongoing and New Jersey police have not released any new information regarding this unfortunate incident.

Reps for Fetty Wap had no comment on the matter.

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