Following in the trend of surprise album releases, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap surprised fans on Wednesday when he released a new mixtape called Lucky No. 7.

As the date and title of the album suggests, Fetty Wap’s latest mixtape features seven songs with production handled by Glenn Thomas, BoogeyBeatz and Nick E Beats and Loud Pack. While the mixtape is short in length, it should hold fans over until the “Trap Queen” rapper releases his sophomore album, King Zoo.

The rapper plans to take more risks with his upcoming album, describing it as a “love story album.” Fetty told Billboard, “That’s what people know me for. I make a lot of songs for females. A lot of stuff that I be going through, I just put it in my music. It’s gonna be some good songs and there’s gonna be some different songs. It’s all the Fetty Wap sound.”

The upcoming album is also expected to include features from Nicki Minaj and Jhene Aiko. Fetty teamed up with Minaj on “Like a Star,” a Caribbean-infused song. “I ain’t really want nobody else on the song but her,” he said.

“Lucky 7” Tracklist:

1. “Got A Thang”
2. “Stay Down”
3. “Feelings”
4. “Money In The Bank”
5. “Don't Know What To Do”
6. “Playa No More”
7. “Get Back”

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