Since the announcement that three individuals are suing Usher for allegedly not telling them he had the herpes virus before having sex, the R&B singer has remained quiet on the lawsuits.

However, the Grammy-winning singer was spotted on Friday (Aug. 11) having lunch with Jermaine Dupri outside of coffeehouse Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles. Footage of the two working in the studio together have been circulating on social media.

In the video above, courtesy of TMZ, you can see a photographer slowly creeping up on Ush and JD who were clearly not interested in talking with him. When asked about the herpes lawsuits, Usher gives him a mean look, while Dupri replied, “No comment,” and tries to shoo the photog away. Even the waitress came outside and kindly asked him to leave. “They are just trying to have lunch,” she said.

The photographer persisted with the questioning with Dupri giving him a stern warning. The guy eventually got the hint and started to walk away but not before Usher, briefly smiled and said, “Take it easy, man.”

As we previously reported, sources close to Usher claim that the singer denies having slept with Quantasia Sharpton, the only woman who has publicly revealed herself among the STD lawsuits. Insiders say that while Usher may have called Sharpton onstage with him, he didn't "hook up with her."

However, a hotel staffer at a Days Inn, which is located a mile away from the concert where Usher performed, told TMZ that she did see Sharpton meeting with Usher in the lobby and then she took him up to her room. Apparently, the staffer's story checks out if we are to believe TMZ's fact-checking team.

In the end, Usher is remaining silent on the lawsuits and his reps have no comment on the matter either.

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