So it all comes down to this, the final round of our Underground Kings voted bracket competition.

We started with 32 of the dopest and most renowned indie rap acts from coast to coast; the contenders were legends who'd been doing this for decades and new jacks who redefined what it meant to be a rap star in the 21st century. Now after weeks of head-to-head battles we've arrived at the final faceoff between Tech N9ne and Ab-Soul.

Fans of Nina have pushed him to decisive victories in every round as he has continually steamrolled his competition and asserted his dominance in the O.G. Division -- even Immortal Technique and his rabid fans took a loss to Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne's wins prove that a great artist with a well-cultivated and loyal fanbase is unstoppable -- no wonder mainstream and indie artists a alike acknowledge the Strange Music powerhouse.

Ab-Soul is arguably Black Hippy's illest lyricist and his displays of high-caliber rhyming haven't gone unnoticed by fans, his peers and music critics. After edging out fan favorite and Detroit wild boy Danny Brown, Ab-Soul has emerged victorious in the Newbie Division. It just goes to show that there's a groundswell of support for Top Dawg Entertainment's no-so-secret weapon and his mix of witty wordplay, irreverence and esoteric knowledge.

Now as we enter the last round it's up to fans to decide who should take it all. Vote below and tell the world who deserves the title of Underground King.

Voting in this the final round end on Nov. 26 at 3:59 PM ET so cast your vote now.

May the true King win...