Tyler, the Creator's onstage rampage at Hollywood's famous Roxy nightclub back in December has already cost him $8,000, TMZ reports, and by the sound of it, he's not done writing checks just yet.

According to sources, the Odd Future MC has made peace with the venue and forked over thousands to help pay for the soundboard he wrecked back on Dec. 22. Tyler's freakout led security to call the cops, and after he was arrested for vandalism, fans rioted in the streets, causing Sunset Boulevard to be shut down for 30 minutes.

Ordinarily, he'd be in hot water, but as the gossip site reports, the District Attorney has offered the controversial rapper a pretty cool deal: If he compensates the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department for its investigation costs, he won't face criminal charges.

Money can't buy you love, but every now and then, it'll keep you out of jail.

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