Tyler, the Creator should change his name to Tyler, the Opinionated because days after calling Eminem's 'Shady XV' album "ass," the rapper took to social media to express his feelings on negativity and self-confidence in an open letter to fans.

At this point, it's not clear what sparked his rant. It's possible that he had a negative response from a fan or read something that made him upset, but either way, it's evident the Odd Future leader has some things to get off his chest. He headed over to Facebook to vent.

"All you negative muthaf---as should look at me as inspiration," he wrote. "I'm 23 f---ing years old and built a f---ing monster and I'm not ever gonna f---ing land. Stop being scary and [negative] and start believing in yourself and stop living for all these other f---ing idiots. Some of yall should put that f---ing blunt down and go do what the f--- you know you need to do. Do it for yourself. I believe in everyone because I believe in myself."

In the lengthy post, the 'Wolf' creator gave a fair share of inspirational talk that was coupled with a decent amount of chastising.

"There are no rules, f--- rules," he continued. "Go. Find your wings. I found my wings and I'm still flying and I will never ever land. But some of you have to find yourself, ya know. I knew who I was at like age 10. I knew music, I loved the colors, I knew what I was into. Most of you listen to what ever is hot or what your friends like. Yall dress how everyone else dress. Yall do what everyone else do. F---ing stop being a f---ing follower."

He did end his missive on a positive note: "love you, today i want you to find your wings."

Some fans appreciated the rhymer's words while others seemed to be annoyed. "This post though. Finally someone spoke something positive. Nothing but respect and that's a fact," one person wrote in the comments. "Why would I look at you as an inspiration? I don't know who the f--- you are Mr. Know-It-All," wrote another.

You can read Tyler's entire post below.

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