Although Eminem's 'Shady XV' has received some positive reviews from fans and critics alike, not everyone is feeling the project. Especially Tyler, the Creator, who took to Twitter to slam the just-released compilation album.

The tweet has since been taken down, since the Odd Future leader probably doesn't want to be on the Detroit rapper's bad side, but that didn't stop him from speaking negatively about it.

"I love you Marshall, you are my favorite rapper, but dude 'ShadyXV' is f---ing ASS," he reportedly wrote. "Hahaha, why won't someone who loves him tell him NO," which suggests that Tyler is confused about why people in Em's camp weren't more honest with him about the project.

But as we all know, opinions in hip-hop are as varied as the music itself, and obviously not everyone shares the California rapper's harsh review.

And here's a question: Will Tyler's comments spark Eminem to retaliate through song? It's definitely a possibility, considering Mr. Marshall's well-known reputation to dismantle foes who've talked bad about him. Remember how brutal he was, lyrically, to late '90s rapper Canibus?

However, there's a good chance the 8-Mile spitter will let this all go, because it's not like Tyler dissed him, he was merely given his personal take, which isn't really being disrespectful, is it?

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