From his lyrics to the artwork for his albums, Tyler the Creator is quite a creative man. So it's not too surprising when the Odd Future leader puts on his other arty hat and directs videos.

'Glowing,' by an artist who remains anonymous, is a dreamy pop song that sounds like something out of the late '60s and early '70s. The track is far removed from Tyler's own hard rhymes. However, the rapper clearly presents a romantic and beautiful visual, which depicts the progression of a couple's love from childhood to old age. And despite all the bad things that occur -- from war to poverty -- the two stay together.

"This was a song I heard nine months ago and couldn't get out of my head," Odd Future manager Christian Clancy told NPR. "We thought it would be a cool opportunity for Tyler to show another side of himself. I played the song for him on a plane, not knowing whether he would like it (he's a tough audience), and he did. What people take from it is up to the viewer I suppose. Controlling the narrative seems contradictive to the point. For me it's a challenge to the assumption that ignorance is bliss, and that challenge is as timely as it's ever been."

Looks like Tyler the Creator is stepping out of his comfort zone.