Tyler, the Creator’s attorney is denying claims from police in Austin, Texas that the Odd Future rhymer caused a riot at a show during SXSW last week.

Perry Q. Minton released a statement to the Associated Press, which explains what happened on March 13 at the Scoot inn.

As we previously reported, Austin police arrested Tyler and charged him with inciting a riot, which is a misdemeanor charge that carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Authorities say that the 'Wolf' creator allegedly encouraged people outside to bum-rush the gate at the Scoot Inn after the venue had already reached its maximum capacity of 999 people inside.

Police obtained a video from the concert that shows hundreds of fans bursting through a gate at the Scoot Inn.

Watch Fans Burst Through a Gate at Tyler the Creator Show

“Regardless of the size of the crowd, the encouragement of unruly and unlawful behavior is against the law and cannot be tolerated,” reads Tyler's arrest affidavit.

Minton insists that the incident leading to Tyler’s arrest didn’t constitute a riot.

"At no time during the... concert did Tyler seek to incite or participate in riotous activity as has been reported in the press," he wrote. "It is clear from video clips and witness reports that the patrons and fans attending the show on that date were full of positive energy appropriate for this type of event and never exhibited any anger or aggression whatsoever."

"For law enforcement or the media to describe the rush of fans through the gate and the subsequent benign, boisterous activity as a riot is an unfortunate and inaccurate description of what occurred," Minton continued.

Tyler, the Creator does not apologize in the statement. However, his attorney acknowledges that the rhymer "fully appreciates" the need for police to protect citizens at a concert event, but he didn't do anything to disrupt them from doing their job.