Oh, Tyler. What did you do this time? Controversial rapper and Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator was sent straight to the slammer Thursday night (Dec. 22) after trashing some sound equipment at the Roxy in Hollywood. Police were sent to the club to pick up the MC around 11:30PM, after he performed cuts from his latest album, 'Goblin.' But in a confusing fury, Tyler beat the hell out of some sound equipment that left the famous venue a little more than peeved.

According to TMZ, the rapper was arrested right in front of his bemused mother. The Hollywood Sheriff's office responded to the scene after sound engineers at the Roxy phoned cops to say Tyler "just destroyed an electric soundboard belonging to the venue." As the 'Yonkers' rhymer was taken outside, the crowd became unruly, and in the spirit of everything OFWGKTA, the fans began spewing curses at the authorities.

Without even trying, Tyler incited a riot on Sunset Blvd. that closed down the popular street for 30 minutes. After the scene was brought under control, the rapper was taken to jail. No one was hurt and there's still no word if Tyler was bailed out, but one thing is for sure: He's still a menace.

Watch the whole event from start to finish below.