Now that Tyga's girlfriend Kylie Jenner is the legal age of consent, the rapper is wasting no time in putting their romance on full display in his new video for "Stimulated," a track featured on his F-- Wat They Talkin Bout mixtape.

Jenner turned 18 earlier this month (Aug. 10), but even before then, her relationship Tyga has been heavily criticized since she was a minor and he a 25-year-old man when they began dating. He further added to the controversy last week with the release of "Stimulated," a song sampling Robert Miles' 1995 trance hit "Children." On the track, the rhymer describes his sexual exploits with Jenner.

In the visual, she serves as his leading lady. Tyga is penning lyrics in his rhyme book while seated on the couch in a huge modern mansion. He practices his flow as viewers see his rhymes written in red.

“They say she young / I shoulda waited / She a big girl, dawg / When she stimulated,” rhymes Tyga before Jenner steps out of a green sports car. It's break time for the Tyga who stops to light up a spliff.

The shot moves to the balcony above the beach where the two meet up and share a few cute moments as they're smitten with each other. At one point, Tyga carries a smiling Jenner on his back and they also share a kiss.

The couple haven't openly admitted they're dating but this clip surely gives the answers to those wondering if they're an item. While some critics initially called out Tyga for being a creep and committing statutory rape, others are calling this union relationship goals.

Check out some of the reactions below and watch Tyga and Kylie Jenner get "Stimulated" above.

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