Although Tyga’s The Gold Album still doesn’t have an official release date, the California-bred rhymer is still dropping catchy singles. His latest track, “Hollywood N----z” is a funky song produced by Jess Jackson.

Over a crashing beat and whining synthesizers, Tyga addresses the haters and throws a zinger at his rap nemesis Drake. "Lil’ lil’ homie bigger than your biggest homie,” he raps in the first verse, referencing Drizzy's line on “6PM in New York."

Elsewhere, he reminds haters that he's focused on the bigger picture -- and that's collecting stacks of greenbacks. "I don't f--- with no librarians / Shy bitches and talking parakeets / I don't f--- with no broke bitches / I don't f--- with no petty n----s / I don't listen to none of these bitches / Only f--- with my money n----," he raps.

While the song is brash, it's a slinky West Coast track that will make your head nod and is perfect for slapping in your ride.

Listen to Tyga's infectious song below.

Listen to Tyga's "Hollywood N----z"

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