Tyga has been missing from action in the rap game but he’s back with not one but two bangers from his upcoming mixtape, Bitch I’m The S--- 2.

First up is the finger-snapping ditty “Act Ghetto,” which features Lil Wayne. The slinky track features T-Raww rapping about a woman who’s hot and fancy-free. “She want to stunt like Rihanna / Might make me wear Puma / Getting checks like Kylie, yeah,” he raps, adding, “She just wanna dance like a stripper / Rap like a n----...she just wanna act ghetto.”

Weezy F. Baby follows suit as he talks about a girl who is ghetto fabulous and doesn’t have any home training, but “she got Uber, tho.”

On the second tune, “100s,” Tyga and Chicago rhymer Chief Keef and rap newbie A.E. trade rhymes about counting $100 bills, scooping up hot babes and having so much swag.

“Running up the set, throwing up the set, bitches on set (Yeah),” he spits, adding, “that Ferrari just foreplay / n---- put the swag, n---- put the cash, n---- put the bag (yeah) / Everybody know me bitch, running up a check, running up a check.”

Meanwhile, Keef is regulated to hook duties with his repeated ad-libs of “Counting hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnids.”

A.E. also delivers his braggadocios rhymes rapping, “Heard the rumours about you were so true / You thirsty and you ain't got no juice / And getting bread something that we toast to / Two girls asked me what I'm gon' do, I said both you.”

Overall, it shows that Tyga is still in the studio. Now that he's signed with powerhouse management agency UTA, expect to see more of him outside of music.

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