Beamer, Benz, Bentley or a knifing? A weekend Lloyd Banks show went about as poorly as possible when a Buffalo, N.Y. crowd got more than a little rowdy and a melee broke out that culminated with two men in the hospital with multiple stab wounds.

The stabbings, which took place at Banks' March 5 show at The Town Ballroom, were actually separate incidents started by different people, yet they occurred nearly 45 minutes apart from one another. This has sprung questions as to motives and a potential retaliation in the second act. The G-Unit rapper was still on stage performing while the incidents took place. Both victims, a 21-year-old named Anthony Marshall and Clayton Webster, 23, were stabbed repeatedly, according to police. Marshall is currently in stable condition, while Webster remains in critical condition at the Erie County Medical Center.

Now, police are trying to determine how or if the crimes were interconnected. Authorities think that either the stabbings were connected and came from one party or the second effort was an act of revenge for the first. In turn, police are asking anyone who may have information on either stabbing to leave a tip at the department's website.

Watch Lloyd Banks' 'I Don't Deserve You'
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