Lloyd Banks has been on hiatus from the rap game from what feels like forever. But the G-Unit leader marks his return with his just-released mixtape, All or Nothing: Live It Up. The collection is now available for streaming and downloading.

Hosted by DJ Drama, the 15-song mixtape features guest appearances from Prodigy, Vado and Joe Budden with production assists from Ty James, Mr. Authentic, Doe Pesci, Sean Anderson, Phil Jackson and Quis Star.

“Work Hard” is among the standout tracks on the album, where the Blue Hefner reunite with fellow G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo. On the song, Banks raps about deceitful people who want to steal and not rightfully earn their way to success.

On the solemn “Transitions,” Banks and Joe Budden deliver introspective rhymes about the stress and strife of living in the ‘hood. Budden raps, "To all the hustlers in the world, whatever your muse is / hustlin' music or hustlin' excuses, live! / Some think too small, they can't vision it / Don't even bother hitting my line, I'm transitioning."

On the violin-driven "Price of Life," the gravel-voiced rhymer details gritty stories of life and death on his native Queens, N.Y. streets. "The ghetto is gruesome after dark / The ghouls let vials loose in the park / Hear them stop and stare at them / Careful how you choose your remarks," he raps, adding, "More than 15 years of shining / Dip my microphone in diamonds / I'm in [Alexander] McQueen line, lining these emcees up."

Overall, Lloyd Banks' AON/LIU mixtape is a solid project that shows that Banks is still on his lyrical game with no rust in sight.

AON/LIU Track List

1. "Pledge of Allegiance" (Prod. By Ty James)
2. "Seniorities" Feat. Prodigy & Vado (Prod. By Mr. Authentic)
3. "Bags of Gold" (Prod. By Quis Star)
4. "Land of Opportunity" Feat. Styles P (Prod. By Mr. Authentic)
5. "Insomniac" (Prod. By HeiroWayne)
6. "Work Hard" Feat. Tony Yayo (Prod. By Tha Jerm)
7. "Do or Die" (Prod. By Doe Pesci)
8. "Holy Water" (Prod. By Doe Pesci)
9. "Reap What You Sow" (Prod. By Tha Jerm)
10. "Blood Sweat & Tears" (Prod. By TyNitty)
11. "Transitions" Feat. Joe Budden (Prod. By Doe Pesci)
12. "Reverse" (Prod. By Phil Jackson)
13. "Miserable" (Prod. By LJ Milan)
14. "Bad Weather" (Prod. By ProspectBeatz)
15. "Price of Life" (Prod. By Sean Anderson)

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