For the past several months, some of Tupac's most prized memorabilia including his platinum plaques, his love letters, and more have been up for sale. Now, his bullet dented pendant recovered from his 1994 NYC shooting at Quads Studios is available for a whopping $125,000.

Back in 1994, Tupac was shot five times at the studio and blamed Biggie and Puff Daddy for their possible involvement. One of the bullets grazed Pac's pendant and was recovered by a family member. The current owner, Gary Zimet, explained to TMZ that he received the piece of jewelry through one of Pac's relatives and that the pendant was in fact worn by the "Hail Mary" rapper.

Interestingly enough, Pac's estate disputed the legitimacy of the pendant and also stated how it was virtually impossible for a family member to hand off Zimet the chain considering they aren't allowed to profit off anything that's placed for auction or sale.

Would you guys consider purchasing Pac's pendant for $125,000? You can take a look and buy the rare piece of memorabilia at Moments in Time.

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