While Rick Ross and Meek Mill attempted to revive Tupac's spirit via song earlier this year, TMZ has reported a different kind of resurrection for the fallen hip-hop legend.

The popular gossip site claims to have viewed a five-minute sex tape starring Tupac, and has published a blow-by-blow report. The tape, which was apparently shot in 1991, allegedly depicts the shirtless rapper entering a room, pants around his ankles, pulling an unknown woman to him, who immediately begins administering oral sex. Meanwhile, an unreleased 'Pac song plays in the background, and the 'Keep Ya Head Up' rapper dances and thrusts his hips, while singing along.

To make the occasion slightly more awkward, a rapper identified as Money B from Digital Underground, the group 'Pac got his start with, approaches while the woman is still performing the sex act, and 'Pac, who is holding a drink in one hand and a blunt in the other, embraces him with his cocktail arm, continuing to rap and dance to his song.

Apparently, the tape ends just as 'Pac prepares to initiate sexual intercourse with the woman, and, while it is not yet known whether their further exploits were recorded, TMZ claims that the person in possession of the tape intends to release it online.

Earlier this year, reports spread that Tupac and Biggie were alive and living in New Zealand, thanks to hackers, who posted the false story on PBS's NewsHour blog.

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