Former television star Maia Campbell surfaced in a viral video earlier this week, in which the onetime actress and model appeared to be begging for crack. The clip sparked concern from superstar rapper/actor LL Cool J, who starred alongside Campbell on the 1990s NBC sitcom In the House. LL publicly stated that he wanted to contact Campbell to help her.

But in footage obtained by Straight From the A, the troubled actress, who appears to be in a salon where she says she works, says she does not need help from her famous former co-star. Referring to LL by his given name, she assures him she doesn't want his help.

"Hey Todd, look bro, I love you!" Campbell says in the footage. "I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health." She also makes it clear that she's not interested in being on camera. The video was reportedly posted to Facebook by a friend of Campbell's.

Campbell's troubled history came to the fore in 2010 when footage of the actress seemingly under the influence in Los Angeles was published on YouTube. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she was later sentenced to a mental health facility after she was arrested for theft in Atlanta. Campbell's recovery was documented in an episode of Iyanla's Fix My Life but the actress was arrested again in Atlanta in 2015.

In the latest footage, she gives an email address and then assures LL that he has "my mom's number." Campbell's mother, famed author Bebe Moore Campbell, died of brain cancer in 2006. When the first clip of Campbell went viral, LL condemned those who published the footage.

LL jumped on his Twitter account to condemn people shooting videos of her instead of getting help for Campbell.

“Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who’s obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word? @MaiaCampbell,” he tweeted.


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