Trina and Khia

Rapper Trina made it a point to say exactly how she felt at a recent show in Miami. In a video clip that's surfaced on the 'net, Trina takes the stage following a Khia track and explodes into an explicit verbal attack about how she didn't appreciate the DJ playing a Khia record before her performance.

While speaking the self proclaimed Baddest B---- gave props to both Miami based rapper Luke and hip-hop icon Biz Markie, but then proceeded to talk about how the music just played before she came on stage was both wack and fake. "A real b---- from the 305, we don't do f----d up s---. We don't play no f----d up wack a-- b---- s--- before a real b---- comes on stage, so that s--- that y'all was bumping before I got on stage, if that's what y'all was bumping, that's fake s---."

Without actually ever saying any names it's been reported by various media outlets that Trina was making reference to Khia. Tensions between the two have been very public over the years. In 2006 Khia made a series of negative comments about Trina in an XXL magazine interview that led Trina to fire back with a track called 'What's Beef.' Then in 2008 Khia took to her MySpace page to give a track by track review dissing Trina's album 'Still Da Baddest.'

See the video below for Trina's explicit outburst: