Rapper Trick Trick was allegedly shot in the leg during a Jim Jones show in Detroit this past weekend. According to the Detroit Free Press, Trick, whose identity was confirmed by police, is recovering in a local hospital.

"We did speak to this individual," Sgt. Eren Stephens Bell told the paper. "His musical performance name is Trick Trick. I'm confirming he's a local rapper."

The fight sparked off in the Esko Lounge at 1:30 a.m., when 10 men rushed Jones and his entourage. Several shots were fired, striking Trick and an another identified man in the arm.

A source close to Trick, however, immediately denied the story. "Trick Trick was home and in bed when this shooting happened," the source said. "As soon as Jim Jones walked in the club some n----- rushed him, then you saw people scattering because you heard the gunshots."

A local radio station reported a similar story, saying "We called Trick Trick, he was NOT shot. In fact, we woke him up and talked to him in bed. He denied rumors that he fell victim to gun shots, nor was it his brother. The rapper's mother called WDIV-TV asking the to stop running the story."

Click here to hear Jim Jones deadpan about the incident.

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