In a bizarre case of when social media goes wrong, Jim Jones’ security team reportedly got into fisticuffs with an angry group of men over what appears to be selfies.

According to TMZ, the incident happened at the Club Zone venue in Springfield, Mass., early Sunday morning (May 13). In the video above, you can see Jim Jones taking photos with some female fans when a group of unruly dudes was upset that Jones’ security was pushing them back.

You can hear one rabble-rouser yelling at the Dipset rapper about something and from there, things escalated real quick. Another guy threw a haymaker and suddenly a massive brawl erupts.

In the clip, it appears that Capo was not involved in the melee as his security team was delivering several fades. A couple of people did get a knuckle sandwich right in front of the camera.

Police did arrive at the scene and, shockingly, no one was arrested and no paramedics were called. Wow!

If you check out the photos below, it appears that Jim Jones came out of the brawl unscathed and is now chilling in Miami.

"Went to church last night th sermon was amazing [the] pastor said keep them broke hatin nighas from round u and stay litt #Amen sombody tell th congregation," he wrote.

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