He may be known as Mr. Steal Yo Girl, but the man has been making hits for years. Trey Songz, who is certainly one of the most consistent R&B singers in the game, turns 31 years old today (Nov. 28).

Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, was fresh out of Virginia and rocking cornrows when he released his debut album, I Gotta Make It. While "Gotta Go" and "Gotta Make It" were decent hits, Songz one-upped himself on his follow-up album, Trey Day, with the tender ballad, "Can't Help But Wait."

Throughout his career, Songz has proven that he is adroit at mixing club themes with tender bedroom ballads. Songs like "I Invented Sex," "Successful" and "Neighbors Know My Name" could work in both the bedroom and in the clubs. Even his last two albums, 2014's Trigga and 2015's Trigga Reloaded, fit the mold.

On his 31st birthday (Nov. 28), the veteran crooner decided to reflect on his past successes and failures. In his open letter to his fans, Songz revealed that he goes through rough times as well.

"A lot of people place me on a pedestal and sometimes I fall short," he writes in the letter. "My music is sometimes categorized as a song, single, stream, download, mixtape or album, but it's really the soundtrack to my life. Every lyric a reflection of where I am within a specific emotion. I'm going through some s--- like we all are. I look in the mirror and I judge myself like we all do. I want to make it to the better version of myself."

But don't get it twisted, Songz appreciate his fans and how fortunate he is to still have a career in music.

"My love for what I do has given me a life I could have never dreamed of," he writes. "I will always try to give the best of me to you."

"To my fans I appreciate every hello, every hug, every show [and] every goodbye," he adds.

Finally, Songz released a birthday mixtape today (Nov. 28), titled To Whom It May Concern, to accompany his confessional letter. "I give you my love, my confusion, my worries, my happiness, my sadness, my music," he writes.

You can read Trey Songz's entire letter at Billboard.com. Check out his mixtape below.

Listen to Trey Songz's To Whom It May Concern Mixtape

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