After seeing his sexy video for 'Na Na,' it's not too surprising that Trey Songz went for an even steamier visual for 'SmartPhones,' a song featured on his upcoming LP, 'Trigga.' But instead of being one big, hot party, he's caught in a naughty act that gets him in trouble.

The video starts off with him speeding his way home. While we already see him playing with his phone while driving, it gets worse when we see his car is full of ladies, which turns into one big orgy by the time he gets home. Although there's nothing wrong with a guy just having some fun, it's obvious that Trey has a girlfriend, referred to as "Babydoll," on his phone.

Just when we think he's done his dirty work and can walk away without getting caught, he accidentally dials his girlfriend -- she hears him in the middle of a steamy romp in the bed. After realizing he's caught, Trey rushes over to his girl's place. At this point, she's tossed all of his stuff into the pool then dives in herself.

The singer rushes to her side and pulls her out, but she's not happy with his rescue methods. His lady love fights him off and pounds her fists on his chest as she sobs. While we can applaud her for pushing her cheating man away, the video ends ambiguously with the two on the grass in each other's arms.

Does she break up with him? Or do they work it out? Maybe we'll find out in his next video.

But while we wait for that, Trey has a surprise for everyone. Fans can download his 'Smartphones' app to receive personal access to his phone. They can also check out exclusive texts, personal photos and even add themselves to his contact list. There's also a new 'SmartPhones' companion video, which can be unlocked by typing in the 'Trigga' album release date -- 7114.