Trey Songz is tasting the rainbow. The singer canoodles with women of all nationalities in his new visual for 'Foreign.'

Like a kid in a candy store, Trey cavorts with women of 36 flavors in this clip. From Australia to America, he's clearly fluent in the language of love.

"After we leave girl, you know where you going / Straight to the 'tel, you ain't leaving 'til the morning / Same old thing, yeah you know that s---'s boring, that s---'s boring) / American you know I had to cop that foreign," he sings as he dances and gets up and close and personal with a few beauties.

'Foreign' is from the heartthrob's forthcoming 'Trigga' album, in stores July 1.

The crooner hooks up with another heartbreaker, Justin Bieber, for the track's remix. “I’m elated for people to hear how he sounds on it, because the first reaction I get from a lot of people is: ‘Who is that?’ Because you don’t expect him to be on a record like that,” Songz told MTV.