Travi$ Scott is one helluva character. The "Antidote" rapper talks about his elusive relationship with Rihanna, being compared to Future and the infamous Summer Jam incident in the cover story for Complex magazine's December/January issue.

On his relationship with RiRi, the rhymer tries to dodge it at first, telling the reporter not to "do [me] like that, man." But he did share three words he uses to describe it: "creative," "inspiring" and "muse."

And when he came across a photo from her from the Puma Creeper ad, he began "kissing his right index and middle finger and then touching the low-res image of Rihanna's face, caressing the screen and glowing with pride."

"It's honest and touching and f---ing adorable," describes the journalist.

The Rodeo creator also talked about the infamous moment when he threw a photographer offstage and called him a "nerd" at Hot 97's Summer Jam earlier this year.

“One, I’m a nerd. All my n----s is nerds. A nerd can call another nerd a nerd. Like, if we’re in the computer lab and you don’t know how to code your HTML, you out of here, my n----," explained Scott. “This stage is sacred. It’s the only time we get to speak and n----s listen. That’s when I’m at peace."

"All the critics and everyone who don’t like you go away. That’s where you got 2,000 of your people," he continued. "You go out to your village and stand up on top of a house and you like, ‘WE ABOUT TO CHANGE THE WORLD!’ I love my fans more than anything. I’d give my kidney up [for them].”

But while his fans love him, Scott hasn't got as much love from the critics who say he lacks in lyrical skill. But Scott says that's not exactly the case.

“Don’t get it twisted, I’m no bitch, n---- got bars. But I’m not, like, super conscious. I don’t write, I just go in the booth. I’m attached to the beat. The beat speaks words. I love music," he said. He also cited Kid Cudi as his biggest influence. “Kid Cudi was my guy,” says Travis. “If I had no weed, he was my drug.”

Scott also took the time to address rumors that he bit off of Future's "Rich $ex."

“I saw some s--- where on ‘Oh My Dis Side’ [somebody said] I got the melody from Future’s ‘Rich $ex,’ which is so weak and lame,” he said. “That’s one of my favorite songs, but my album was made before the Future album came out. Metro [Boomin] stayed at my crib for, like, nine months and made mad beats that made it onto Future’s album. I’m like, damn if only they knew.”

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