Trae tha Truth is bringing his southern-flavored rhymes to the city that never sleeps. The Houston native, who recently finished crafting his fifth album, 'Street King,' will introduce fans to his new material and perform Monday night (June 20) at New York City's home of universal music, SOB's. For a rapper well acquainted with traveling around the globe, this marks the first time the veteran MC will be taking the stage as the man of the hour. "I only actually performed, to my knowledge, I think my only performance was with me and Wiz [Khalifa]," Trae tells the BoomBox. "I don't think I even did any shows in New York. I got a lot of homies out there though."

From albums like 2006's 'Restless' to his 2008 effort 'The Beginning,' Trae has a wealth of tracks to showcase at his SOB's show, including cuts off his new mixtape 'Undisputed,' which features Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa on the money hungry ode 'Gettin Paid,' as well as the songs that make up 'Street King.' "I do old to new [material]," the rap vet reveals. "One thing about me, I'm very into my shows and I know how a crowd's attention span can go. Lately, I've been featured on so many people's records so I might be performing that stuff."

Trae's movement may be familiar to many and foreign to some, but he's sure that what he has in store for Monday night's event will have fans, old and new, talking at the water cooler on Tuesday. "In New York, I'm gonna perform regular but I'm bringing special guests like Styles P, Fred the Godson, French Montana and I think Whoo Kid and DJ Clue might come by," he states. "I gotta couple more real big guests that I can't even speak on. I have to just wait 'til the time comes." And for his upcoming performances, he's adding a new element. "I don't really perform with live bands," Trae continues, "but I actually have a House of Blues show in Houston on [June] 28, the day the album comes out, that I'm performing with a live band."

The 'I'm Fly' creator doesn't follow a specific outline when he hits the stage, according to him, "I just do me." "The crazy part is, once I touch that stage, I black out," Trae explains. "I black out no matter if it's five people or it's 5,000 people or if it's 20,000. I'm gonna get up there and do me. In life, I'm a naturally laid-back person but I can just get in that zone. When I'm there, you'll see a whole different energy level. That's just what I do. Then it kinda shock a lot of people, 'cause talent-wise you know you'll see me on stage from going lyrical to rapping slow to tongue-twisting to singing to, you know, I just do whatever. Like when I'm on that stage I look at it like me against the world. I gotta go at it."

Trae tha Truth & Friends will be at SOB's Monday, June 20. Doors open at 7:30PM, show begins at 9PM. Tickets are available for $12 at the door.

Trae's fifth album, 'Street King,' is available June 28. The effort has tracks like 'I'm One' featuring Big Boi and Lupe Fiasco, the Lil Wayne-assisted 'That's Not Luv' and 'Slum Religion,' which teams the rapper with Wyclef.

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