According to TMZ, Too Short says the woman who is suing him for sexual battery is trying to extort him, and now he's taking legal action against her.

As previously reported, a Los Angeles woman named Teana Louis alleges that Short raped her on multiple occasions between June and October 2016. The alleged attacks consisted of vaginal sex, forced oral sex and sodomy.

Too Short has denied Louis' allegations, saying the furthest they ever went was foreplay, with no sexual intercourse. Louis is an artist that Short at one point wanted to sign, and he says she's mad the business situation didn't work out.

"This is blatant outright extortion; it's not a criminal case," he told TMZ. "It can only be extortion. They want money. My only choice is to countersue for slander and to get a restraining order."

Too Short continued by saying his sexual encounters are always consensual.

"The one thing you learn is in today's culture everything has to be handled sensitively as far as the work environment," the rapper says. "You have to keep everything above water, and crystal clear. Consent is starting to be a very fine line. There's nothing that I would ever do that's not consensual. I feel that these women out there are telling the God's honest truth, but there are probably a few out there that are lying. So if you're lying, you're messing up the movement for everybody else."

You can take a look at the video via TMZ above.

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