T.I. is revealing how he got two of rap's biggest names to end their feud. The rapper shared the secret behind the reunion of Rick Ross and Jeezy while on 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Wednesday night (Feb. 12).

"I offered input. Listen, these are grown men," he said. He explains that he told his friend Jeezy to squash his beef before it escalated into something bigger. "I basically said, 'Man, if nothing has happened that would cause us to not be able to rectify it, let's rectify it before something happens." When lauded by Arsenio as a wise mentor, Tip laughed. "At 33, I'm an elder statesman," he stated.

In the same interview, T.I. reveals that he's also serving as a big brother to Justin Bieber and shooting a secret project -- most likely a film but he would not confirm it -- with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

When does T.I. find time to sleep?

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