The shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown has generated a huge reaction from the hip-hop community. Rappers Nelly, Killer Mike and J. Cole are just some of the celebrities who've addressed the tragedy in Ferguson, Mo.

Earlier this week, T.I. wrote an open letter about the shooting of Brown as well. Now the Atlanta rhymer follows that up with a passionate song titled 'New National Anthem.'

Over a marching drum roll, Tip raps about police brutality, racism and disparity in the criminal justice system affecting the black youth.

"Homicide he’ll ride, they’ll put him on trial / Let him have a life sentence then do it with a smile / And he only 19, he ain’t even had a child / As a child, told his mama he’ll be gone for a while / And she cried, still they just put him inside / Now she all on her own because her other son died / Listen to the politician as he lied and he lied / He a snake in a suit, trying to hide in disguise," he raps.

Singer Skylar Grey provides the yearning hook, singing, "Home of the brave and free / Free just to murder me / Land of the beautiful / Cursed by the hate we throw."

Props to T.I. for releasing a powerful song that deserves a patriotic salute.

Listen to T.I.'s 'New National Anthem' Feat. Skylar Grey