As rapper T.I. gears up for the release of his eighth studio album, Trouble Man, the Atlanta native announces that he's currently planning the music video for the Rico Love-produced "Ball" featuring Lil Wayne.

"That's coming up soon in New Orleans," T.I. tells The BoomBox. "I'm looking forward to that. The song itself feels like a classic southern, club, party record. It's a signature sound for New Orleans, for Atlanta, for Miami."

The 31-year-old rhymer previously revealed that he has recorded tracks with Cee Lo Green, R. Kelly and Juicy J for the album. He reflected on one particular studio session that stood out in his mind.

"Andre 3000 is probably one of the most memorable ones," he shares.

"The conversations. I don't think it's nothing for public record. It's really just us chopping it up. Just two significant figures in the game from the same city and hip-hop and just exchanging in dialogue."

Besides Rico Love, T.I. says Trouble Man features production from a plethora of hip-hop's best, including T-Minus and Jazze Pha. He is still cutting down songs for the final version of the LP, but states the project's title comes from him embracing his past and feeling it necessary to open up about it.

"I've gone through things. I've faced adversity and I'm embracing the adversity instead of shying away from it and trying to be ashamed of it," T.I. explains.

Trouble Man debuts later this year.

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