Los Angeles bassist and singer Thundercat just released a new cut called "Friend Zone," off his album Drunk, which comes out on Feb. 24. He's already dropped the first single "Show You The Way" just a few weeks ago.

On this newly released tune, the 32-year-old says he doesn't want to be just friends with the woman he's pining for, and he isn't clear why she's playing hard to get.

"I'm your biggest fan, but I guess that's just not good enough / Is it 'cause I wear my hair in or because I like to play Diablo? / Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking 'bout / Cause I really don't wanna have to spell it out / And next time you call me, I'm gon' sit and stare at the screen / Waiting for the call to end," he sings.

Many folks have become familiar with Thundercat from his work with Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar on the song "These Walls." He admitted to learning from all of those artists. He also talked about the significance of the album title Drunk.

"I've always tried to hold true to what Erykah Badu and Flying Lotus told me," he said while speaking to Red Bull Music Academy Daily. "It has to come from an honest place. I feel like it's a place that I've been in different ways, seen different angles of and it's been a bit inspirational, the drinking."

"It has its ups and downs and everything, but I felt like it showed the human side of what goes on behind, something that I see with all of my friends. I felt it was kind of interweaved in the music culture, and it's something that's never talked about," added the talented artist.

You can listen to a snippet of "Friend Zone" below.

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