Here we are on Episode 6 of our favorite hip-hop sitcom, 'This Is Hot 97.' This week, we get a glimpse of the station’s monthly poker game, Angie and Rosenberg teaming up for the first time and Miss Info’s special investigative report on online dating apps goes totally awry.

Yes, we’re kicking things off in the meeting that Funkmaster Flex never goes to. The two main items on the agenda: Angie and Rosenberg have to schmooze a potential client for Summer Jam and Miss Info’s going to flex some investigative reporting muscle on scammers using celebrities to catfish groupies. Disaster, where art thou?

First of all pairing, Angie and Rosenberg is probably the worst thing that can happen to Angie post-car shopping with Flex. Angie is totally not on board, but really has no choice. She does let it be known she's against the move. “Clearly Ebro is on crack cocaine,” she explains.

Rosenberg, who ends up turning into the nerd who heads a group project, takes Angie to the meeting an hour earlier. What for? He wants to strategize. The Voice of New York almost turns into The Murderer of New York. Angie’s a pro though and instead decides to kill the hour at the spa. The downside is that Rosenberg is with her. He holds her purse while she gets a massage.

After shooing Rosenberg into a pedicure chair, the sucker falls in like it’s a marshmallow and gives in to the spa treatment. You really don’t want to miss Rosenberg in moisturizing gloves, a facial mask and getting a pedicure.

Still, you would think it would inspire some silence, but no, leaving Angie to once again inquire, “Why do you talk so much?” Right when their doing some heartfelt bonding, Angie reads the client’s email and realizes that their meeting is on the other side of town. The duo rush out of the spa with facial masks and all. Swell job, Rosenberg.

Back at the station, Ebro takes the cameras into an all-in poker game. Apparently it’s $3,000 to get in. Now that we know the show is totally fiction, we can assume they aren’t really balling like that over at Hot 97. In the midst of all this, the first celebrity guests walk in: Stevie J and Joseline of 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.'

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t end here. Just as Stevie J is losing mad money (leaving Ebro convinced that he must have been making barrels of dollars), Ebro gets a call. The dynamic spa duo isn’t at the meeting and Ebro has to cut his game short and save the day with the client. He leaves Flex in charge of the game, and you know what? Flex has stood strong by his Hot 97 from the beginning of the season. Ebro’s in good hands.

We can’t forget about Miss Info. She enlists the help of Cipha Sounds and Laura Stylez on her investigation of people who impersonate celebrities on location-based dating apps (think Tinder). Cipha gets real creative here typing in Miss Info’s profile for her. Highlight: “Loves meat.”

A while later, Info gets a match from Action Bronson. Yup, that Action Bronson. The crew is convinced it’s an impersonator so Info invites him to meet up at the studio. As Info’s luck would have it, it’s the actual Action Bronson. All of Mr. Bronson shows up with flowers and a mixtape.

Short version: Miss Info takes Bronson to her office to explain that she isn’t interested. Action throws down some major game resulting in the rapper living up to his name. Way to go, Info.

Next week, Rick Ross, French Montana,and Wale show up on the episode where it’s all about the Hot 97 Bowling Tournament. We wonder which DJ will be rolling down the lane by the end of Episode 7. Join us as we find out!