This week on 'This Is Hot 97,' we see some massive ass grabbing, a doll that curses and Peter Rosenberg is afraid a celebrity guest might knock him out. Let’s see what kind of trouble the Hot 97 gang get into this week.

How does 'This Is Hot 97' kick things off this week? By focusing on women’s boobs once again. Today, Rosenberg’s gross “observations” include Laura Stylez’s chest endowment. Big boss Ebro bangs the gavel and threatens the staff with sensitivity training if he sees or hears anything offensive. “Crazy on the air: awesome. Crazy in the hallway: offensive. No go,” Ebro tells the cameras, sounding like a stage mom.

Later that day, a crew that consists of Laura Stylez, Angie Martinez, Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds begins to wax poetic about the word “balls.” This isn’t enough for the crew; Rosenberg feels compelled to place his crotch super close to Cipha’s face. It really is like 'Project X' in that place.

Ebro must have gotten word of the “balls incident” because the Hot 97 crew ends up in sensitivity training. The charge: unprofessional work conduct, inappropriate language and offending many employees. What’s the difference between the first two?

After getting yelled at for telling Cipha to “shut the f--- up,” Angie tells the cameras what her solution for the whole ordeal is. “We shouldn’t be in here learning how to be sensitive. The people who are sensitive should be in learning how not to be sensitive. That would be productive,” the "Voice of New York" states.

When it’s time for group exercises, the one-liners just start pouring out. “Ciph, you’re so fat,” Miss Info yells at Cipha. During trust exercises Laura confesses, “Why do we have to do these dumb trust exercises? I don’t trust these guys.” The final zinger comes from Angie. “I could trust you and still tell you you’re a f---ing asshole,” she explains.

Looks like the Hot 97 team is over sensitivity training. On the celebrity front, Mrs. Ice -T herself, Coco, and she’s giving Laura Stylez some pointers on how to squat correctly. Just picture Laura’s hands right on Coco’s booty, Ebro having a fit over Laura “grabbing ass” and half the male staff taking photos of the ordeal. A beer keg is sure to make an appearance by the end of the season.

The other celebrity of the week comes in the form of former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson. Iron Mike is going to make an appearance on 'The Juan Epstein' podcast hosted by Rosenberg and Cipha (plug of the day).

Angie is quick to warn the the "rap Teletubbies." “I’m going to probably piggy back and do an interview too. Just don’t be weird,” she says. To which Rosenberg responds, “I would gladly be a fluffer for Mike Tyson.” Rosenberg gets the side eye on that one.

As the interview approaches, we discover that Mike calls Rosenberg “Dave.” Miss Info sheds light on the reason. “Dave is the default white guy name,” she shares. Obviously, for fear of getting hurt, Rosenberg has chosen not to correct the former boxer. His plan is foiled when his co-workers conspire to call him Dave while Mike is in the studios. It’s also safe to mention that Rosenberg is a huge fan of Mike, like, huge fan.

During the interview with Mike Tyson, the funniest one liner of the night occurs. “Dave Rosenberg is a really elegant and distinguished Jewish name,” the boxer says. Rosenberg tells Mike that his real name is Peter right before asking him to sign his book. “New Mike” responds accordingly by saying, “You want to be called Peter, it’s Peter.” Except he ends up signing the book to “Dave.”

In case you were wondering, Funkmaster Flex was not at the meeting in the morning or at the sensitivity training that resulted from it. Is he an employee? Or is he like that crazy uncle that shows up at family events to take the food?

Anyway, he shows up with a Funkmaster Flex doll yelling, “This is crown holder right here!” But the doll says, “F---Master Flex.” Has the music hurt his eardrums? Because his doll is clearly cursing. While Ebro opts out of telling Flex his doll is botching his name, turning the other cheek backfires because Flex wants to brand the doll with a Hot 97 shirt. Alex Cameron, the radio station's general manager, implores Ebro to tell him the doll is faulty, much like Flex’s ears.

Turns out old man Ebro isn’t so tough and doesn’t have the heart to break the news to Flex. This leaves Alex to do the deed. It all ensues in an outbreak of inappropriate and offensive language that lands the entire staff in a weekend sensitivity training.

Tune in next week to find out what kind of birthday bash Laura Stylez ends up throwing for Macklemore.