The mystery behind the Weeknd continues to grow, and it goes further than just that missing "e."

Earlier this week, two unofficial videos popped up online to songs off the Canadian crooner's critically acclaimed mixtape, 'House of Balloons,' released this past March. The visuals bear a similar theme to another, depicting women as spaced out as the Weeknd's music, prompting some to think that these "unofficial videos" for the tracks -- 'The Morning' and 'Wicked Games' -- might actually be approved by the Toronto artist. In Mid-May, the first of its kind surfaced for 'What You Need.'

The Weeknd -- 20-year-old Abel Tesfaye -- has remained incognito since the blog world took notice of him this past winter, thanks to a big co-sign from Drake. When outlets speculated that the Weeknd was perhaps bigger than a one-man operation, a minute-and-a-half clip posted to his TUMBLR corrected the misinformation. He also communicates via Twitter and a very cohesive YouTube page where he uploads his new music. Most recently, the audio-only video for his new song, 'Rolling Stone,' was banned from the site for its graphic content.

Angry about the removals, he tweeted, "These ain't f---in' music videos removed ... they are audios ... there are no official 'The Weeknd' music videos lol..." Another confirmation came by way of retweet. "Please @theweekendxo drop an official video so this fan made art school crap stops ... its disgusting ..." he re-posted a message by a follower on his Twitter page.

In 'The Morning' video, a group of models wake up lost and seemingly hungover in the desert and attempt to retrace the events of the prior night, while the more NSFW 'Wicked Games' video features a woman on a daytime, tropical island drug-binge. The Weeknd's slow, echoey R&B veers more towards Sade minimalism than Chris Brown catchiness. Drugs ("codeine cups paint a picture so vivid") and sex ("better slow down/ she'll feel it in the morning") are often referred to in his lyrics, painting a self-destructive nature that oddly leaves a fuzzy, warm feeling inside.

While the Weeknd remains a phantom in the music world, keeping mostly to himself and his various online forums, it's hard not to get hooked and jump on the "drinking alias with our cereal for breakfast" bandwagon. Check out what we mean in the "art school crap" videos below. Download the Weeknd's must-have mixtape, 'House of Balloons,' here.

Watch the Weeknd's 'This Morning'

Watch the Weeknd's 'Wicked Games'

Watch the Weeknd's 'What You Need'