Despite sounding somewhat upbeat on the hook of the track 'Live For,' The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye makes it clear he's still a loner in his new video.

Tesfaye lyrics about "spend[ing] whatever come[s] in" and him doing "the sh-t" that he lives for with the people he'd die for would probably lead you to believe that this clip is a lavish, cameo-filled viewing experience. But instead, he and his guest, Drake, are still on their sad guy tip delivering their vocals in what appears to be a Japanese subway station.

Maybe that whole 'No New Friends' mentality on Drizzy's part rubbed off on Tesfaye and they couldn't (or didn't want to!) find anyone else to join them at the video shoot. OK, that's unlikely, but you'd think a more upbeat (for The Weeknd at least) track wouldn't arrive with such depressing visuals. The video is definitely nice to look at, though, particularly with the high-definition feature turned on.

You can watch the 'Love For' video above. The Weeknd's 'Kiss Land' is out now.