Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson sat down with Jay Z  for one hour--prior to his Yankees Stadium "Legends Of The Summer Tour" performance--to talk about his career, his personal life and just about everything else under the sun for Jay's Life + Times YouTube channel.

In part one Jay talks about collaborating with Justin Timberlake for his contributions to 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' the union of art and music, and the inspiration he gets from Jean-Michel Basquiat and being comparable to Shakespeare. Addressing his #newrules  and 'MCHG'/ Samsung deal Jay Z explains that he's an agent of logical change in the music biz instead of someone who accepts the status quo.

Watch part one and be on the look out for part two.

"The Truth" heads to the Bronx for an interview with JAY Z. Sitting in the New York Yankees baseball museum at Yankee Stadium, JAY Z speaks on "Magna Carta… Holy Grail"; new rules in the music business; his philosophy on collaborations; the connection he has to New York; and the future of rap.