New York trio The LOX reunite to address the shooting tragedies involving civilians and police on the powerful song, “What Happens” featuring J-Doe on TIDAL.

Over somber production, the trio— Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss— rap about their frustrations following the string of police shootings of black civilians.

"What happens when we can't take no more? / Look at the kids, they ain't safe no more / Go to the church, it ain't faith no more," Styles P spits with Jadakiss, adding, "They attacking us / They ain't backing us / You call it ignorance, it's just the black in us...they way they cover it up, it's spectacular."

Finally, Sheek Louch delivers a shout out to those who have fallen by police. Candles up for all my n----s that's gone / But they ain't dead, man, their soul lives on," he raps.

Accompanying the song is an open letter written by the LOX. The trio wanted to explain the meaning behind the song, and insist that they are not anti-police. The missive reads in part:

We do not hate police nor do we want police to hate us, but there is a divide in communities across this country. We fell like we (minorities) are a perceived enemy.

Some may interpret this song as a threat – it is not. We are asking the question, 'What happens when we can’t take any more, what happens when we do to you what you have done to us?' As artists and businessmen we know good officers.

But, we cannot ignore recent horrifying incidents. To police and government officials across the world, please understand and over stand – We want peace!!!"

Listen to The LOX's "What Happens" Feat. J-Doe

The LOX Statement