Somewhere along the race for the next King of New York, The Kid Daytona decided to take another route. Back track to the early 2000s, Daytona was in the fast lane, alongside other up-and-comers like Mickey Factz and Jae Millz, battling in the streets of New York. While many artists wanted to be the next heir to the throne, The Kid Daytona was looking for something more.

"New York Hip-Hop just got to a point where everybody was just talking about the same thing," Daytona tells the BoomBox on a day off from the studio. "I don't like following anybody's trends, so really I just started making the music that I wanted to make. F--- what anyone was saying," says Daytona.

Currently, the South Bronx-by-way-of-the-Dominican Republic emcee is hard at work in the lab recording a new project that'll be released in April. "I got a new mixtape in the works called 'The Interlude' and it's going to be presented by LRG," Daytona reveals. "DJ Green Lantern is actually putting it together, and it's pretty much just a teaser for my album. I'm rhyming over classic breaks and interludes with production from Bink, Doo Wop and of course Green Lantern." These days, after several label deals gone sour early in his career, Daytona is perfectly content with putting his music out independently using the Internet as his primary medium for connecting with fans.

Even though he's labeled a new artist, Daytona has spent years learning a great deal about the marketing and promotion of his music. He's a part of the New New York generation, determined to bring musical credibility back to Big Apple, after all the King of N.Y. died on March. 9th, 1997 and there's no replacing him. Before he dipped off to a photo shoot, Daytona made it clear that he's here to create his own, "When you're true to yourself, people always f--- with you. I always remain true to myself and who I am. I refuse to present anything fraudulent in my art."

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