It looks like West Coast rapper The Game still hasn't gotten over the fact that Jay-Z mentioned him in a live freestyle in early July. While most fans and journalists weren't phased by the line when Hov spit, "I ain't talking about gossip / I ain't talking about Game / I ain't talking about Jimmy / I ain't talking about Dame," during a concert in Las Vegas, the former G-Unit member didn't take the mention so graciously and began verbally dissing Jay at every stop of his international tour, which was already under way.

It wasn't long until a full diss record was released by The Game entitled 'I'm So Wavy' where the rapper went on a lyrical rant throwing verbal jabs at Jay-Z for more than four minutes straight. With rumors and talk swirling around the net' about the real reason for The Game's current anti-Jay-Z campaign, yet released another scathing diss track by The Game has hit the mixtapes -- this time Hurricane teams up with Hov's former mentor and friend Jaz-O.

On the recently released track, 'Gangsta's Ride', Jaz-O who gave Jay his start in the music business trades bars with The Game throwing more dirt upon the Rocafella boss. While The Game oddly keeps Jay's name out of his rhymes, Jaz-O isn't shy about who he's after, "When I first did it, Twista wasn't even in the business/Knew Big when he wasn't even in the business/Put the little n---- Jay-Z in the business...Been a match since 'Hawaiian Sophie,' don't you ice grill with the phony frills/Still, act like you know me homie...Jaz-O, stupid motherf---er not Shawn/Never been blast on a Tupac song/The originator...", spits Jaz-O.

The fellow Marcy Projects native and rapper schooled Jay-Z on the rap game when he was still just a teenager, and introduced Jay to the world on his first record entitled 'Hawaiian Sophie.' But after bitter disputes over money and having irreconcilable differences several years back, the two have become sworn foes. This collaboration also may have something to do with Jay-Z's now infamous freestyle, reason being these several bars: "Let's talk about facts / Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps / He could've made more but he ain't sign his contract"