The Game is trying his hardest to ensure he has at least one date with Nicki Minaj.

After being spotted leaving 1OAK on Sunset Strip by TMZ, he was asked his feelings about Remy Ma's diss track "ShETHER." Before the cameraman could even get a word in The Game was already coming to Nicki Minaj's defense.

“If you about to say something disrespectful about Nicki Minaj, I’ma f--- you up,” he said. “If you say something disrespectful about Nicki, I’m taking the camera, the beanie, the glasses, those are some dope shoes —I’m taking your Yeezys, I’m taking everything.”

When the cameraman finally got to ask The Game's opinion on the diss track he gave him a bouquet of roses and said, "Them is for Nicki. Put the camera on them. Them is for Nicki," before walking off to his car.

The Game has made it very clear that he is not allowing anyone to say anything negative about Nicki Minaj. He recently went on Instagram and called out Meek Mill for putting up a video of him listening to "ShETHER."

In his long rant, he scolded Meek Mill for disrespecting Nicki Minaj for all of the public to see. The Game ended his rant with the hashtag "hey big head," and a wink emoji. We all know what that means... he's coming for you, Nicki.


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